This is where we go above an beyond just getting things done, getting better things done in the world. I agree with people like Stephen Covey, Muhammad Yunus and Richard Branson. It is not just business as usual that changes the world, but business with soul that changes the world.

So I have discovered a system over the years of business and life management and that is what I find so special about Daylite. Most of our business databases fractionate us. When we are fractionated that leads to stress and that leads to illness. With Daylite we can come together and have an integrated system. By having an integrated system we can live a multi-dimensional life.

What I am talking about here is that we all have 8 areas of our lives and within business we have 4 areas. What I am going to do in this lesson is I am going to teach you how to design those inside of your Daylite database. so that you can make sure of them. And you will learn later on, in over lessons, to see how your business is doing from a higher level view by looking at the 4 Ps. And also how you are doing with the balance in your life by looking at those 8 roles in your life.

This lesson will show you how to build business and life management into Daylite.
Produced: 02/11/11
Video Tutorials:22 minutes
Workbook Length: 20 pages

Who should use this lesson?

    • People who want to organize their entire life using Daylite


  • This lesson was created for Daylite 3 but the theories apply to all versions of Daylite.




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